NLP Practitioner Mastery


Mastery of any skill is achieved through systematic & consistent application of the principles that you learned in the classroom. Like they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Likewise the proof of your mastery is in the results that you produce, in knowing who you become in addition to what you achieve.

These mastery lessons are designed to transform your daily experience of life and developing a whole new YOU. The amazing personal growth that you will experience and witness in yourself will manifest itself in the following ways:

Results Mastery

  • Attract your results by developing razor sharp clarity & roadmap towards your results
  • Financial Results
  • Career Results
  • Health Results
  • Relationship Results

Personal Mastery

  • Total mastery of self by deep introspection & re-alignment of your actions, thoughts, biases and beliefs in situations that you encounter

Emotions Mastery

  • Emotional mastery by mastering your triggers and your thought patterns that affect your emotions

Skills Mastery

  • Whole brain thinking using multi sensory mode (through mastery of Representation Systems)
  • New possibilities through awareness and acceptance of alternative perspectives (through Reframing)
  • Accerelated roadmap to success through learning lessons from observing life (through Metaphor Journal)
  • Influence over others through the power of words (Milton Language Patterns)

This class assumes that you have completed your NLP Practitioner certification training either with Anil Dagia or from any other recognized NLP Training Institute / Trainer.

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