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If you are a Executive Coach, Life Coach, Counselor, Therapist or mental health professional in any other form, then nothing brings more fulfillment than to watch your client progress from despair to empowerment. Mental health professionals don't solve people's problems - they give their clients, the tools to become their own confident and knowledgeable problem-solvers.

Psychological assessments can be used to offer valuable insight and information, and to quantify the success of an intervention. Psychometric assessments available here are validated on large samples and go through rigorous validation research, following the APA standards for educational and psychological testing.

The use of psychological assessments allows you to:

  • Clarify a client's situation, identify immediate areas of concern, and prioritize issues to work on
  • Use test results to help clients understand, in layman terms, symptoms and the impact they can have on different life spheres
  • Evaluate effectiveness of your work with your client
  • Gain insight into issues, fears or concerns that clients may not be comfortable expressing in face-to-face sessions

Through the use of assessments, therapists and life coaches can have access to:

  • An easy-to-use interface in which tests can be assigned to multiple people or groups
  • Test results that are completely private and scored in real time so that test reports are accessible immediately upon test completion
  • An automated scoring system that replaces the need for formal training in how to administer and score an assessment manually, saving time and reducing the chance for computation errors
  • Normative statistics gathered from large samples that can be used in comparison to your client's scores
  • Printer-friendly reports with a practical advice section that your client's can take home
  • A secure, personal testing account where reports from past and present clients can be saved and easily retrieved at all times

The assessments offered here are made available as part of a complete online testing center, which features a user-friendly interface. You can assign tests, and develop customized benchmarks with ease and efficiency. You can have access to as many tests as you want from the available tests.

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