For MCC - ICF Certification Program - 200 Hours ACSTH

Obtaining Your 200 Hours Training

The ICF has three designations at the present time: ACC (Associate Certified Coach), PCC (Professional Certified Coach), and MCC (Master Certified Coach). We encourage you to visit the ICF’s website at to thoroughly review their requirements & process for credentialing. Check the ICF website for the latest credentialing requirements as they may change over time.

As per ICF rules, in order for you to be credentialed at MCC level, you are required to complete 200 or more hours of Coach Specific Training.

At 5th Element, you can complete your entire 200 hours training requirement by enrolling for and attending both the below mentioned ICF appproved trainings.

In case you are already credentialed at the level of ACC or PCC, you might be needing additional training hours to complete your 200 hours of training. You can select from the following options

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